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Chiropractic Service:


*  All healing comes from you, from within...    

*  If your pain or dysfunction is caused by a loss of normal body movement, we can help you reestablish normal motion, thus allowing your body to do its job and heal itself.

*  By re-establishing normal motion, the tissues involved in the affected area return to its normal state (no swelling, no chemical imbalances), allowing them to heal.

*  It also removes neurological interference, permitting your brain (your body computer) to communicate and organize the healing of other systems affected by the injury.

*  Our doctors received their licenses in the United States and practiced with a variety of Chiropractic techniques.

*  We pride ourselves on being sports-medicine-specialists with emphasis on extremities, low back and chronic injury cases.

*  United States trained & licensed sports-injury-specialists.


$850.00 pesos M.N.
(dollar equivalent about $45.00)

We'll keep you dancing and diving!

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